Corporate events

These events, otherwise known as corporate entertainment, are company events  that are focused on a particular subject or theme. They are usually combined with an element of fun and entertainment to achieve a specific business business purpose, such as:

  • presenting a positive corporate image,
  • building successful and long-lasting relationships with business partners,
  • brand advertising and promoting, as well as introducing the brand to new audiences,
  • celebrating important company events with employees, clients and business partners.

… these are just a few of the possibilities offered by corporate events, giving measurable results in minimal time.

We ensure that we are fully aware of and understand your needs, so that we can support you in achieving your goals. Therefore, we provide you and your company with a full package of professional services that build a positive image and the possibility to demonstrate this to your guests and partners during corporate events.

We present a diverse range of opportunities concerning event organisation, offering a broad set of possibilities which allows for the best and most efficient form of business event.

We ensure, among other things, a comprehensive and complete organisation of:

  • Indoor Events – organised in indoor facilities, such as congress halls, galleries, etc.
  • Outdoor Events – organised in outdoor facilities, such as stadiums, race courses, ski resorts etc.

The theme of the event in question, as well as it’s envisioned form are thoroughly discussed with the client. We specialise in events such as:

  • Grand Prix with an official award ceremony,
  • tournaments (e.g. golf, tennis etc.),
  • horse racing,
  • concerts, premiers of products, theatrical events,
  • exhibitions and presentations,
  • sport championships,
  • Pre- and post-conference tours, etc.

Events organised by companies can be part of one of our company travel packages or can be constructed as a separate programme.  Modern technological and multimedia solutions provide us with the highest quality of programme implementation.